Susan Detroy, Artist

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I am an artist. I create 2 –D painterly art, handmade and digital, often using photography techniques. Also I work in the arts. 

My art is rich in deep emotions, with themes of nature and self reflection. I explore deeper layers behind our daily exterior. I bring the unseen forward to be seen.

My art is about who I am, what I experience and my desire to share with you. 

I believe art binds us together. I hope my art communicates who I am and you might feel a shared experience, when words are not enough to express. 

Do you feel my art is important or speaks to you? Interested in exhibiting my work or knowing more about me as an artist ?

Would you like to know how to support my art? You can read here and find out about my plans and how you might join with me.

Susan’s Art Plan 2019

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Other ways to get to know me. 

My Press Kit is downloadable.

Susan Detroy Press Kit

I create “Art Inspired” an offering of what happens in my art world, my process, new ideas, exhibits and special offerings. Sign up to receive “Art Inspired.”