I have been producing videos and pieces that movie since the beginning of the pandemic. You can see many of them on my YouTube Channel. This year I created a new movie using my biking captures. In July, I entered the movie, “Biking the Yellow Road” into the City of Eugene’s “Mayor’s Art Show” . I hope my movie will be selected for the exhibit. As part of the application process, I wrote a statement for the piece. I thought you would enjoy reading what I wrote.

“Biking the Yellow Road ” Artist Statement

My artworks tell a story using images, color, music and movement. “Riding the Yellow Road” is my visual homage to biking in the city where I live. “Riding the Yellow Road” culminates three years of biking and art making. The video is a stimulating example combining two of my life passions: making art and biking. 

In 2020, my life-long biking and art making, changed. With zoom classes, I expanded my video editing skills. Simultaneously, I chose daily biking in response to the constant frightening pandemic, finding a way to stay active and feel a sense of freedom from the worries in our world. This video is an excellent example how I learned to make video integrating my experience as well as building an intertwined story using my recordings, still images and music. Because my biking and art making widened, I am make art films about nature, flowers, and biking. “Biking the Yellow Road” as well as many other video pieces, offers the meditative joy and visual adventure, communicating through mobile art.

The title “Riding the Yellow Road” refers to the words “follow the yellow brick road” from “The Wizard of Oz” an influential childhood film, using the reference to offer possible hopeful outcomes. I chose the color yellow symbolizing brightness and joy. My happy, cycling video uses energy, color, movement and animated imagery, providing the audience a visual and auditory experience of cycling along Eugene, Oregon pathways.