What the heck is “Chain Reaction?” Read my words here and watch my interview to find out about this expansive international collaborative project. Collaborating is a long time favorite art making method of mine. The pandemic prompted several collaborations in my art life. One of the collaborations is “Chain Reaction.”

Coincidentally two months before the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, I agreed to be part of an Instagram group. This social media support group transformed. The group of 14 artists in nine countries started working together. And now we are creating art as a group.

Caroline Karp and I are members in International Online Art Collective (IOAC). Caroline produces a podcast. She currently is interviewing all 14 IOAC members. We each share about our experience making “Chain Reaction.”

An exciting fact is that the fourteen artists have completed our artworks produced over three years. We have grand plans coming up.

Watch my website and my Instagram page or visit IOAC Instagram page for updates.