It’s exciting news when I open my emails and read a video of mine is included in a festival. Yeah to find an email last week, letting me know “Corona Diaries: Flower” will show as part of MINA the international mobile video festival in Australia. I started using video as a creative tool during the pandemic. I took online classes and I learned video editing tools. In particular I expanded my skills with two apps, I now use often. These are CapCut and Video Leap. I attended multiple lessons online and increased my skills. As I mentioned in my precious blog post, flowers are a longtime favorite subject. In this art video I share with you. Here I juxtapose florals with the feelings of living in a frightening world wide health disaster.

I have been making video clips and longer pieces for a few years. I post many video pieces on my Youtube channel. During summer, 2023. I have been creating and sharing shorts everyday. Visit my channel and subscribe.

The MINA festival takes place in November 24, 2023 in Melbourne. To find out more about MINA and the 12th annual event go to this page.