In the last several years, biking has become a deep passion for me. I love the feeling of the wind and the emotional high of traveling along bike pathways. When the paths are smooth it feels like gliding on ice.

Unbelievably, I have been bicycling since childhood while I continued into youth and adulthood. Before the pandemic I was biking primarily for pleasure and occasionally for errands. When the Covid Pandemic started in 2020 things changed. Surprisingly, I began biking more often. I incorporated biking into my daily routine and used it as a way to get out of the house. When I was biking I could feel more empowered and relax in the open air. Eventually my biking evolved into a serious activity.

When I discovered I could record my rides, I was excited. I took images and videos. Eventually, I featured my biking photography and videos in “In The Now” my 40 day pandemic documentary . At the same time, I began sharing video content on my website with my blog. I was liking this new way of expressing myself with moving images. In 2021 I learned more about video editing through zoom classes. By 2022 I was recording and editing my biking videos regularly with the intention of using them In my art.

In 2023 I entered “Riding the Yellow Road” which won third place in Portland’s Filmed by Bike . Additionally, that same film was featured in the 2023 Eugene Mayor’s Art Show. In 2023 I showed this much loved video at the 5th Street Market Open Air Arcade.

Moreover, I continue biking, recording and creating short films similar to the one I share here. I created a play list on my Youtube channel, Bike Riding, It Inspires. As you may guess, I am will stockpile videos for new future films.