Exhibitions and Events

“BEAM”, Art City, Oct. 14, 2022,  Coming Up

“Leaf Life – Plantarium 2022, Gallerium, View Exhibit

“My Five Favorite App,” Mobile Photography, The AppWhisperer, Pinterest,  Read

September IOAC Exhibitions News, 2022, View News Page

Feature Showcase, The AppWhisperer, August, 2022, Watch Online Video 

“Images by Susan Detroy”  View book on Instagram

“Las Flores Divinas”, NFT Collection, 2022, Link to Collection

“Materiality”. Techspressionism Presentation, July, 2022. Watch- Start at 38 minutes

GLOW UP,” an exhibit of light installations, OSLP, Dec-Jan 2021-22  Link to Event

“Mobile Showcase,”  Nov/28/2021 Visit Online Showcase

“In The Now” on Platform Festival, 2021, Watch

“Mobile Showcase,”  Nov/14/2021 Visit Online Showcase

“Metamorphosis:The Art of Transformation,”  Visionary Art Collective  Visit Online Exhibit

“Squared Life:  Portrait of a Woman,” The AppWhisperer Showcase  Visit Online Showcase

 BEAM event, 2021 Visit Online Site

Arts Alive, The Art Center, Discovery Tour, 2021, Visit Online Site 

Digital Fine Art Winners, Mobile Photograph Awards, 2021, Visit Collection

“The Work Still To Do,” Shelton-McMurphy-Johnson House Visit Online Exhibit 

“Nature Art Exhibition,”  International Online Art Collective Visit Online Exhibit

“Mayor’s Art Show,”  Eugene, Oregon Visit Online Exhibit 

Artist Feature: Susan Detroy, FFA Arts Gallery, April, 2019, Visit Online Article

“Confronting Mortality,” LA Photo Curator Visit Online

Show Us Your Streets, Street Photography, Lens Culture, 2018, View Image 

Susan’s Flicker Image Site, Visit Online Images 

Susan Detroy on Youtube, Visit Online Channel

Getty Images for Susan Detroy, Visit Online Gallery

Publication “Shots” Magazine,  Visit and Purchase a Copy

“The Shadow Collection, ” EyEM, View Image

Bared: Contmeporary Poetry and Art about Bras and Breasts, release 2017, Visit 

Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy, Instructional Images, 2004, View Book Images

“Paw and Foot:Isabel Series”, Morningstart Collection, Lane Community Collete, 1999, Visit Online or In Person

“Cris and Tret,” UMKC Collections, 1990, Visit Online