Watch and read to see how I use them in my art.

I generate a lot of images for my art making. Flowers are primary source for creating, and they are abundant now, in the summer. You can see my floral captures used in my “Portrait of a Woman” project. I used a flowering kale in “Blue.Period.” blending it with my own face. The flower can be a metaphor for changes as we age. I particularly like how the snapdragons worked in “We Are What We Love.” In this piece I melded and formed them to my profile.

The variety of flowers in my garden and near my home is wondrous. It makes the task for collecting a joy. You can also see my use of flowers in my video work. In my “Corona Diaries” series available on Youtube, I concentrated on florals in “Flower” conveying feelings I experienced in the midst of the pandemic. In the “Evolutions” series, I used a flower melded again with my own face., in a piece I titled, “Flower.” These precious plants are a long standing inspiration and source of joy for me.