Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024

Are you welcoming the new year? It is March and I am looking back to 2023, seeing how it was a fun art year with many art adventures. In reflection, I am happy to tell you that last year was an invigorating time because of my connections with two international art groups.

To share more, the first group to talk about is the International Online Art Collective or IOAC . IOAC began in 2019 as an offshoot of Art Next Level (ANL), when all of us were part of ANL, an international mentoring organization. We initiated our group journey in 2019. In the beginning, we were an Instagram support group with our Instagram account. In the first year we started several group projects tied to social media. In 2020 “Chain Reaction” began. We worked hard on the project and after an industrious three years, IOAC launched our world tour of “Chain Reaction” a 100 piece collaboration with 14 artists from nine countries. To give a bigger view, I along with the 13 other artist, I created seven piece for the exhibit that became the piece of 100 parts. We each responded to another’s art in a “Chain Reaction.” All 14 of us are thrilled to be represented in an ongoing worldwide tour of this satisfying and gorgeous art work. Thefun and interesting exhibit started with a show in New York. Next in line are plans for the show to travel. It is exciting to share it’s next stop is planned for May 2025. The exhibit will show at the Sitar Center in Washington, D.C

The second group I want to tell you about is Techspressionism. in 2023 I solidified my grateful connection with Techspressionism as I began co-working with a small digital artist group, presented at my art and thoughts at large group salons and created a virtual 3-D room for Cyberiana. Last March I presented on the topic of “Revolution.” In October, 2023 I presented on the topic of “Falling Leaves.” Cyberiana was a challenging and rewarding project. I learned skills in virtual art making., creating a virtual 3-D room. I share with you a short video of the room.

I would say in reflection it has been a full artistic year in collaboration with artists around the world. I am appreciative of the connections, relationships, and collaborations in my art and look forward to these growing i 2024.