Its About Money and Art Career 1990-2024

When I agreed to present at the 80th Techspressionism salon “Money” I was thinking I’ll discuss a few art career jobs I worked over the years.

Well that is not what happened. I was wrong and I was surprised. As I was compiling my lists, I began to understand there was a lot more to come. As I prepared my Keynote presentation with a list and images I could see there was more than I had visualized. And oh my gosh, dreating the Keynote slides and assembling my list, I gained insight. Oh my gosh, I had worked many more jobs than I initially remembered and realized I had found multiple methods to sustain my art career.

My goal for the salon talk, was to share my experience from my years working as an artist and in the arts. I started a list of jobs and by the time I was finished, I had inventoried thirteen occupations between the years 1990 and 2024. Some of those were: black and white darkroom printer, family portrait photographer, artwork installer and gallery manager. Two notable gallery I managed were David Joyce Gallery and Jacobs Gallery. Over the 50 years, I worked for private, nonprofit and for private individuals.

And today, as I make art and share with you, I continue working at PRN Gallery at PeaceHealth RiverBend. I post and share my work at the PRN on my consulting/art page on Facebook. You can see images and connections to the artists that exhibit there, such as UTN and Analee Fuentes.

To read about my work at galleries over the years, go to my blogspot entries written earlier in my career.

Watch my segment from the beginning of the of the entire March 7, 2024 salon. I share with you the video posted on my youtube channel.