Creating hard copy art is a tactile pleasure. I like to use my hands and fingers experiencing physical contact with the art and my art tools, witnessing transformation. I have always enjoyed the feeling of using my fingers to handle, mark, and experiment with materials.

Art marking has been part of my art life and my paid work. For many years I used markers as primary art tools. I was employed as booth designer/manager fpr a company distributing Copic marker pens. I chose Tombow markers to create my spiritual series “Mythic Animals” using them to fashion brightly colored, fantastical animals. I continue to integrate pens into pieces I build with my hands.

I often employ hand created techniques to produce a special effect. One of the effects I learned early in my art journey is deckling the edge of art paper. Deckle edged papers has a unique history. My inclination toward edging paper started in the 90’s when I was attending university classes, as I was revitalizing my interest in photography. I began my Infrared photography work at the UofOregon. Simultaneously I was influenced by working in an Herbarium. As a work study student my job was to assist the director in arranging and cataloguing specimens for botanical study. While I studied Biology, Environmental and Design, I mounted specimens, similar to these.

The video I share above demonstrates the easy, gentle technique that begins with wetting the edges with a brush or fingers. Once the paper is wet then, you slowly pull / tear small pieces along the edge of the paper. One must be calm and operate slowly to avoid tearing too much or damaging the artwork. In the video I show two types of papers, one is more sturdy than the other. In the video the piece I am working is rice paper which requires patience as it is light weight. I like experimenting with variety in papers and try diverse samples. I buy art supplies and materials locally when available at Oregon Art Supply.

This cactus piece in the video is part of my series “Worship of Precious” available in my website gallery shop, titled ” Cactus Pink”. She is created with rice paper, wet ink transfers, pen, pencil, and water color. Want to know more about me and my art techniques? follow me on my primary channels.

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