Feel my face change watching “Planetary Sisters”

Since 2016 I have been creating art using my own face which you can see on my website. I was responding to the distressful messages in my mind,talked about in this article.. Over time I realized, like these artists, I could make art with my face. It did not take long to realize I enjoyed the process as you can see in this video as well as others I have created. Overtime, the art created in these seven years transformed and morphed over time.

Initially I began by melding my face with natural elements, seen in this example, “Blue.Period.” From the beginning, I used iPhone iPad apps, such as Diana App, to change my self portrait image. I love layering in my art, as you can see in early dragonfly pieces. The digital apps were another way to introduce a layered depth into the project pieces.

I produce digital works and analogue pieces of many of the images. The artworks are available as canvas prints, canvas, teabag paper pieces and photographic assemblages. View the pieces on my website in my 2-D Shop . Also I hand produce cards of this large series, coming soon, in my Small Treasures shop.

What began as a series “Portrait of a Woman” has become a project containing multiple series. The series include hard copy pieces “Evolutions.”, digital collections, “Adjusted Selves”, “Icons” and “Built for the Future” which are NFTs..

Seven years later, I am expanding the project using AI and my own face. This started when my eyes were swollen and bruised after eye surgery. I photographed my face and it an image of me it as an AI prompt. To complete the meld, I use the generated AI “sister” characters melding back in my own face with additional apps, such as a favorite apps, iColorama.

This newly born art series is produced as stills and videos, showing in online galleries, on building facades, seen in this Instagram post and in this very new video of “La Chica Planetaria” posted on my youtube channel. My art continues strong with my ever expanding “Portrait of a Woman” project, in digital, analogue and video.

And a final exciting note, “Planetary Sisters” will preview on a 3-D online site as a room in Cyberinana on December 30, 2024. Watch my social media sites for more in 2024 about Cyberiana and Planetary Sisters.