Julia Cameron Award

Self Portrait Series 

New! on Website Small Art Treasures


Cards are on my Website – Dragonfly with Moon

A Tree Loves the Moon

New pieces in my Hipstamatic NFT Collection

“Honor Grief” at BEAM is highlighted in Art City Video

Sepia toned digital artwork of woman's face partially covered in various textures.

"Built for the Future" Visit Newest NFT Collection

I have a new collection “Built for the Future” on Objkt. Using my own face as art, exploring identity imagery, self & earth love. Delving into female aging, offerings to elevate, reflect our commonalities, self-reflection, caring, & peaceful action. Amplifying six year project, “Portrait of a Woman.”

The Butterfly Cure

NFT Sales

Want to see what is selling in my NFT collection?

digital art by susan detroy face among trees and sky

Closed “A Room With A View” End of Year Offering

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Biking the Yellow Road


Biking the Yellow Road  has been selected to show at Filmed By Bike Premiere May 20.

"Chain Reaction" Exhibit is Released

I am one of Fourteen Artists from Nine countries creating a “Chain Reaction”

Sepia toned digital artwork of woman's face partially covered in various textures.

Special pricing in Small Treasures Shop

Gemini Special ended June 21

AI Image Selected Award MPA 2023

My image “The Predictor” is awarded honorable mention in the 2023 MPA – Mobile Photography Awards, in the category for AI. She is a preview of things to come and art in process. Watch for her and her siblings as a new collection in 2023.

MAG Mobile Art Group Feature

My Self Portrait is featured in the MAG Mobile Art Group Collection


Announcing inclusion in the Niftorian Accelerator Program.