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My ART Is MY Life Story

Meditative truthful lifelong digital art expressing self & earth love.

I am an Oregon artist. I connected with the arts early in life learning dance. As a youth and teenager, I danced, and I immersed myself in movies. I was also captivated by still black and white images. From early childhood I was in love with visual experience, movies, and magazines.

In dance I learned the pleasure of moving through time and space to music. Throughout childhood and as a young adult I learned multiple dance forms and performed. I found it comfortable to use dance and visual images as a language to understand the world.

My first memory of creating with my hands is shaping a soap sculpture in grade school. I recall the feel of the ivory soap as I sculpted the form. I liked the thrill of making something tactual from an everyday household object. In the 70’s …

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Meditative truthful lifelong digital art expressing self & earth love.

Have you Seen My Book of Images? Have you seen my hard copy book of images? This individually produced hard bound book contains 34 images both from my "Portrait of a Woman" project and my landscape captures. These are place through out the book reflecting one to the...

Decisions Decisions

Making decisions about art submission. The process of deciding which art pieces to enter into a call for submissions can be job unto itself. This short video was part of a my decision process for a show with the theme : Fantasy. I asked...

Transfer Magic

With 50 years creating art, one of my favorite and most requested to learn techniques is solvent transfers. On my Youtube channel the playlist is Creating and Showing 2D includes this highly watched instructive tutorial as well as others...

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Spiritually rich, unique, digital, photographic, imagery and stories.