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Big News – Julia Cameron Award, Self Portrait Series, page 526 

Onsite – My Vintage Handmade Bears are now featured at Arose Atelier 

Closed – Special through December 30. 2024- “A Room with a View”, end of the year special, 33 artworks – 7 series

View –“Dragonfly with Stars” – Selected for SEWA Romanian Holiday Calendar

New –Featured, Tusis III, DekUnu, August, 2023

Read – My favorite apps, Interview on “The App Whisperer” 

See the ImageMobile Photography Awards, Category AI, More Work to Come in AI

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Watch – Become an Art Supporter, New Patreon Video and Tiers 

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Read – Mobile Artist Worldwide Resolutions, 2023, (Scroll to Bottom Page)

View Susan Detroy-Artist, Arts Guide, Arts & Business Alliance, 2023

WatchNFT Artists React, Start at 10:56, Youtube StoemanAngelsNFTs

View The Roses of the Year 2022, Rose Feature. 

Listen – Niftorian Mint Monday, Audio Twitter Space, discussing NFT “Fluida” from “Las Flores Divinas” collection  

Visit – Niftorian Accelerator Project, Artist Feature, 2022

Watch – Techspressionism Salon, Cultural Influences, November, 2022 (I speak at 37min)

Visit– IOAC Collaboration, 15 Artists, 9 Countries, Chain Reaction Project, 2021-2023

View – “Chain Reaction” Peek, IOAC, Coming 2023

Watch – “Honor Grief”, BEAM,  Artist Trailer, 2022

Visit– Feature Showcase June 19, 2022

Listen – Twitter Space Conversation about “Esperando” from “Las Flores Divinas”, Niftorian Society, Mint Mondays  (start at 11 minutes) 

ListenNFT/Blue Rose Discussion, Niftorian Society, Mint Mondays. (start at 24 minutes for my contribution) 

Watch“Materiality” Techspressionism Presentation, July 2022

Watch – Collaborative Whiteaker Community Art Team, Street Mural Project

Visit Release Annoucement, “Corona Diaries.” Eugene Seen

Visit  App Whisperer Showcase May 22. 2022

Visit – “Portrait of a Woman”, Denali, LCC, Featured Artist, Spring, 2021

Visit – Creator Spotlight, The Denali, LCC, 2022

Listen – Behind the Art, Interview with Caroline Karp, 2020

Listen – “Hidden Treasures: Discover Three New Artists” Viz City, KLCC, SBJensen, 2021

Visit – Spotlight Artists, Artist Relief Project, November 2021

Read – “Living Memories”, Commission review by Randi Bjornstad, Eugene Scene, 2020

Watch – Presentation at Techspressionism Salon, March 2020

Visit – Arts and Business Alliance Arts Guide, 2020

Read – “Intimate Interview with Susan Detroy”, The App Whisperer, 2019

Read – Exhibit review “Facescape Dreams” – OSLP, Eugene, Oregon 2019

Read – Exhibit review ” Portrait of a Woman” – Dot Dotson’s, Eugene, Oregon, 2018

Read – “Mobile Photography & Art, My Top Five Apps”, Interview, The App Whisperer,

Visit One of Fifteen, International Online Art Collective, Artists

Visit – International Online Art Collective, Blog Post, 2021

Read – BEAM 2021, Connections Made Through Light, Double Sided Media, 2021

View – Top 100, MDAC 2020, Virtual Exhibit

Read – “Twisting Pixel, Feature

Visit – Shots Magazine, Summer Issue, 2018

Listen – Infrared Messages, Interview, KLCC, 2017

Visit – Visual Arts Week, Studio Open Annoucement, 2020

Read – “Loving Your Body, Friends with Hearts Benefit,” Eugene Weekly, 2010

Visit – Wedding Photography 1996, Wedding $Celebration Website

Visit – Art Solutions Blog 2007-2018







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