“Forever Spring” is a video created over time. She started as an image originally produced for the “Portrait of a Woman” project. Follow the link to see the project in three categories. What a project that is now been progressing for seven year project starting in 2016. The art was spurred by my reaction to aging changes in my body, in particular my face. After my initial uncomfortable reactions, I realized I could use these events to create art. Click to listen to me speak about the series at the first exhibit. I also made experimental video pieces exploring the concept of aging. I create and sell hard copy pieces that are part of the project, called “Evolutions” using tea bag papers. These and other artworks are in my shop here on my website. The original blended image is a great combination with a local tulip tree. In 2021 I began incorporating moving pieces into the image. Learning to make images move was exciting. In 2022 I made them into NFTs in a collection “Built For The Future” . In 2023 I am creating longer videos and submitting to digital film festivals. The progression is a good one to follow to understand how art moves and changes.