Living Memory Commissions

I would love to work together to create with you. This year 2021 I am releasing five commissions. I offer an early release to VIP email subscribers for December 2. Public release will happen December 6. You can sign up below for early release.  The pricing for these five pieces will be less than the usual offering. 

Do you have photographs, images, or mementos you would like to combine, memorialize, or find a way to gather in a unique and special way? Memories are what we use to think about our past and to build relationships now and into the future. Through memories we can embrace who we were, who we are now and who we want to be.  We can build a future through the past. Our memories might be difficult or supportive, but they are ours to use as we wish. 

I offer commissions called “Living Memories” which are celebrations of our personal stories. Using your photographs, mementos, special symbols, or any important object, I construct, and edit,  creating a digital composite piece individually for you. 

I create art using your memories as tools. Images can become the way we tell our story. “Living Memories” are composited pieces which can be gifts, commemorations, or self-reflective family memorials. 

“Living Memories” commissions are available for purchase in 2021. “Living Memory” pricing is $350.